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Violet Bio
Class: Exploder
Starting HP: 180
Starting STR: 30
Starting MAG: 50
Starting DEF: 31

Violet is one of the Characters in the game The Metronomicon. Violet is an Exploder.

You start out with Violet at level 1 upon starting the game.

Strategy[ | ]

Violet will be your main source of elemental attacks in the early-game, dealing damage with mainly Water and Fire-type attacks. Later on, she will learn attacks from Lightning and Ground types, giving her great versatility when it comes to trying to type-trump enemy monsters.

Notably, Violet is one of the two characters in this game that has attacks that deal damage to multiple enemies - the other being Wade.

Primary abilities[ | ]

The listed strength of the ability is taken when the ability is placed into the lowest slot.

Icon Name Unlocked at Level Description Type
BlackMage Moist Splash 1 Cast one shot of Strong water damage to one enemy.
  • Water
  • Magic
BlackMage Flame Flame 1 Release one explosion of Strong fire damage to one enemy.
  • Fire
  • Magic
BlackMage Lightning Lightning 14 Call down one bolt of Strong lightning damage to one enemy.
  • Lightning
  • Magic
BlackMage Rumble Rumble 18 Cause an earthquake, dealing Medium earth damage to all enemies.
  • Earth
  • Magic
BlackMage StrikesThrice Strikes Thrice 31 Deal three separate bolts of Medium lightning, capable of rolling over an enemy's death.
  • Lightning
  • Magic
BlackMage BigComeback Big Comeback 36 Unleash a Medium fire attack across all enemies, whose damage varies (Up or Down!) the more enemies remain.
  • Fire
  • Magic

Secondary ability[ | ]

Icon Name Description Unlocked at Level Type Requirements
BlackMage Char Burn Light up one weaker but consistent Minor fire attack against one enemy. 26
  • Fire
  • Magic
Requires 30 Beats
BlackMage Rasp Choke Cast one Strong physical attack against one enemy. 10
  • Physical
  • Magic
Requires 55 Consecutive Beats

Passive ability[ | ]

Icon Name Description
Sharpshooter Sharpshooter All enemies elemental weaknesses are raised by 10%.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Violet is voiced by Brianna Knickerbocker.

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