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Gruver Bio
Class: Druid
Starting HP: 212
Starting STR: 41
Starting MAG: 35
Starting DEF: 42

Gruver is one of the Characters in the game The Metronomicon. He is a Druid.

Gruver joins the party after the boss of Mount Rage is beaten, at level 28.

Strategy[ | ]

Arguably the hardest character in the game to utilise effectively. Like Clark, Gruver only has one offensive ability, so he is restricted to more of a support role. The druid's strengths, rather, lie in his ability to benefit party members with a wide smattering of buffs that can speed up the time in between spells, or the time to cast a spell, among others. Phantom Time when unlocked and utilised effectively can keep a party running on multiple buffs without the need to recast those.

Of note, Gruver is the only character to potentially ward off note stumbles if the Tin Foil Hat ability is equipped, making him a viable choice for streak challenges. His Gift and Fresh Mountain Air abilities, when effectively utilised, can significantly increase the number of Secondary Abilities cast by the other party members - and is in general a powerful combination that can be put to use in a wide variety of situations.

Primary abilities[ | ]

The listed strength of the ability is taken when the ability is placed into the lowest slot.

Icon Name Unlocked at Level Description Type
Druid Fluorination Fluorination 1 Release a fog of HASTE on all Heroes, speeding up their ready time between attacks.
  • Water
  • Strength
Druid ContrailVapes Contrail Vapes 1 Poof out a noxious gas, causing Medium damage on all enemies, and DISPELLING any positive status effects.
  • Physical
  • Strength
Druid HerbsIGuess Herbs, I Guess..? 1 Bestow FOCUS on all Heroes, decreasing the number of beats needed to cast their spells.
  • Earth
  • Strength
Druid Gift Gift 32 Bequeath your turn to your allies, granting them all additional secondary ability beats.
  • Water
  • Strength
Druid BigPharm Big Pharm 35 INSPIRE whoever has the strongest STR. PROTECT whoever has the lowest DEF.
  • Water
  • Strength
Druid PhantomTime Phantom Time 37 Increase the time remaining for ALL active buffs. Can stack progressively.
  • Fire
  • Strength

Secondary ability[ | ]

Icon Name Unlocked at Level Description Type Requirements
Druid TinFoilHat Tin Foil Hat 1 Provide one stack of HATTING against the next stumble, preventing both stumble damage and cast fizzles.
  • Lightning
  • Strength
Requires 55 Beats
Druid MountainAir Fresh Mountain Air 39 Passively add additional beats to all allies' secondary ability progress.
  • Earth
  • Strength
Requires 30 Consecutive Beats

Passive ability[ | ]

Icon Name Description
GentleSpirit Gentle Spirit Ally-cast buffs last 15% longer.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Gruver is voiced by Randy Hames.
  • Gruver has a bird tattoo on his shoulder, a reference to the bird perched on the shoulder of the Witch from The Weaponographist.

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