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Flavius Bio
Class: Big Cheese
Starting HP: 240
Starting STR: 43
Starting MAG: 35
Starting DEF: 41

Flavius is one of the Characters in the game The Metronomicon. Flavius is an optional hero whose class is Big Cheese.

Flavius will be max level and max ability levels upon unlock.

Strategy[ | ]

Flavius is the peanut butter of the party. Capable of filing a number of roles handily, Flavius excels when using the stats and strengths of his allies for his own gain, commanding their actions.

Primary abilities[ | ]

The listed strength of the ability is taken when the ability is placed into the lowest slot.

Icon Name Unlocked at Level Description Type
Flavius TakeThis Take This 50 Headbutt your enemies, for a Medium single-target physical attack.
  • Physical
  • Strength
Flavius ProtectMe Not The Face..! 50 Regen 40% of the party's HP over time. Slowly.
  • Lightning
  • Magic
Flavius 9KLazors 9K Lasers 50 Blast all your enemies with your Light shiny lasers!
  • Water
  • Strength
Flavius DanceYouFools Dance, You Fools! 50 Compel each of your allies to immediately attack at your command.
  • Fire
  • Strength
Flavius ElementoChango Elemento Chango 50 Energize each hero, ensuring a crit on their next attack.
  • Lightning
  • Magic
Flavius ThisPower This Power..! 50 Consume all active buffs on Flavius, and gain 20 Streak per buff consumed.
  • Fire
  • Magic

Secondary ability[ | ]

Icon Name Unlocked at Level Description Type Requirements
Flavius WasntMe Wasn't Me! 50 Call out and cast a brief Taunt on the party member with the highest DEF.
  • Lightning
  • Magic
Requires 40 Consecutive Beats
Flavius ToMeMinions To Me, Minions! 50 Betray the party by summoning additional monsters to join the fray.
  • Lightning
  • Strength
Requires 40 Beats

Passive ability[ | ]

Icon Name Description
EnergyThief Energy Thief All party members do .08% more damage for each note in the current streak.

How To Unlock[ | ]

  • First, beat all of the minibosses in every song in Story Mode. Doing so, for each dungeon, will unlock a "Fastest Boss Kill" sidequest, at the bottom of the list.
  • Upon beating each of these speedrun sidequests, you will receive one piece of a broken music player. Each piece upgrades the item, and brings it closer to being fixed.
    • The item is equippable, but provides no stats or bonuses.
  • Upon getting your fifth upgrade, the item will include a hint about going to Endless Mode to meet the item's owner.
  • Reaching Song 10 in this state will guarantee King Flavius as the song boss. Beat him, and then fail your run in any way thereafter to unlock Flavius and his special item.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Flavius is voiced by John Mondelli.
  • Because playable characters aren't associated with an element defensively, Flavius' "aura" is white compared to his boss counterpart.

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