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The following is a list of achievements in the game The Metronomicon.

List of achievements[ | ]

Icon Name Description Strategy
1 Forest Phenominon Destroy the Speyeder of the Wild Forest. Play Beyoglu Nights in The Wild Forest and kill Spider Eye.
2 Castle Criznashor Dethrone the Wraith King in the Haunted Kingdom. Play Fighting With The Melody in The Haunted Kingdom and kill the Wraith King.
3 Mt. Rage Ravager End the dancing of a great Candy Dragon. Play Master in Mount Rage and kill The Dragon.
4 Shipside Shanker Decompile a fearsome Dance-o-bot. Play Methods in Blue Expanse and defeat the Robot Yacht Captain.
5 Downright Mooninite Save the world of Koras from Dancemageddon. Play Cascade in The Moon and defeat ???.
6 Arena Attemptor Conquer one challenge in the school arena. After you beat the first boss, The Arena will unlock. Can be done on any difficulty.
7 Arena Arrestor Make five arena challenges your chump The first set of challenges will be enough for this.
8 Alien Assassin Beat the final challenge's omega boss. The very last challenge, which can only be played after beating the final boss.
9 Arena Apocalypse Defeat every arena challenge. Self-explanatory. Can only be acquired after unlocking all the challenges by beating the final boss. Can be done on any difficulty.
10 Hail, the new Overlord. Defeat every arena challenge on hard. Self-explanatory. Same as above, but Hard mode is required. Good luck.
11 The Sidequest Shimmy Succeed in your first story sidequest. Sidequests are unlocked after beating certain songs, you should easily get the first in The Wild Forest.
12 Optional Adventurer Succeed in beating five sidequests. The earliest this can be achieved is the second zone - you can unlock a maximum of 8 sidequests total for the first two zones.
13 Hark! Songs ho! Unlock your first bonus song. Kill enough Minibosses in the first zone to unlock bonus songs. You need 3 minibosses defeated for the first bonus song in a zone.
14 Dancing Fool Survive your first 10 songs in Story Mode. Can be achieved as early as the first zone if enough bonus songs are unlocked - else, you'll get it definitely in the second zone.
15 Dancing Maniac Survive every song in Story Mode. That's every single song and bonus song, so you have to kill all the minibosses (actually 30 total, which is 6 in each of the five zones) to guarantee unlocking the songs. Can be done on any difficulty.
16 Dancing Psychopath Survive every song in Story Mode on Hard. Same as above - but only on Hard. I hope your fingers are ready for this!
17 Part-Time Contractor Perform your first upgrade to the school. The game will prompt you when you have enough Street Creds to buy the first upgrade from the Workshop.
18 Scientific Inquirer Unlock Sara's laboratory. This is the 4th, and last, of the main upgrades. You can only buy upgrades in order so this will come late-game.
19 Ruby (Crusted) Weapons Purchase every ultimate weapon. Can only be unlocked after unlocking Sara's laboratory. You'll need the street creds from the Arena challenges to have enough to buy the weapons.
20 Freetime Frivolitor Succeed in every single sidequest. Each zone has 4 sidequests each, visit the individual zone pages to learn what and where the sidequests are.
21 We're Going Streaking! Attain a 100 note streak. Self-explanatory. Get 100 notes in a row without dropping your streak. Remember that switching lanes mid-way does not break your streak if you are looking to cast a lower-level spell.
22 The Phantom Streaker Attain a 300 note streak. Self-explanatory. You may have to bump it up to the higher difficulties if you cannot find enough notes on Easy mode. If you're struggling, use Gruver and equip his Tin Foil Hat ability. If you STILL somehow cannot get this achievement even with that, unlock Flavius, buff him up then use This Power..!.
23 Pacifist Survive a story song without killing an enemy. See the suggested party under Cure Output in Favorite Party Builds. Make sure to remove as many offensive abilities as possible - even the secondary abilities. Even with 3 enemies stacked up, you should be able to easily cure enough to hold on.
24 Wreckless Warrior Survive a story song without healing any party member. See the suggested party under Enemy Rampage in Favorite Party Builds. Make sure to remove as many healing abilities as possible - even the secondary abilities. Alternatively, try a stunlock build so you take minimal damage, while making sure you have no healing abilities equipped.
25 Phenominal Cosmic Powers Apply six buffs to one hero at the same time. Focus, Haste, Inspired, Regen, Taunt, Protect. Build up a party that can cast all six of these - some characters share buffs so you have a slight degree of flexibility. You can either use Gruver's Phantom Time to keep the buffs extended while you apply, or you can use the Buffotronic Prime Team Attack to apply the first three after you setup the latter three.
26 Protector and Destroyer Deal at least 5000 hp damage in one strike as Gwen. This is easier to do late-game when Gwen is at a higher level. Use a strong appropriate elemental ability for the increased damage, or you can try a late-song Retribution in conjunction with Taunt.
27 Victorious Virtuoso Perform a perfect Solo-Lane Team Attack. You strictly need the Explosive Bumrush team attack for this. Hit every single note during the team attack - to make it easier, try it on Easy difficulty.
28 Comeback Kid Perform a perfect meteor attack counter. Some minibosses in addition to the Spider Eye also fire off meteor attacks. Hit every single note during the meteor attack - to make it easier, try it on Easy difficulty.
29 One Punch Team Kill five enemies in a row with a single attack. The wording here is a bit confusing - you actually have to kill five enemies with a single attack EACH, as opposed to five enemies with just one attack. Make sure your element type matchups are on point - else, you might be able to get the achievement while playing a critical hit challenge. It's far easier to achieve this normally the higher level your characters are.
30 No Pee Breaks Beat a fifty song playlist without ever pausing. Use the "No Pee Breaks" cheat code found in Cheat Codes. Survive the entire playlist without ever pausing. If you are unable to play the roughly 2 hours and 30 minutes required for this feat, you can try to play it on Easy mode with the ZIPTUNE cheat enabled.
31 Debuff Braver Survive ten songs in Endless Mode in one run. See Endless Mode for tips.
32 Endless Explorer Survive thirty songs in Endless Mode in one run. See Endless Mode for tips.